About foreign language correspondence

In response to recent overseas popularization of Nogizaka46 and overseas expansion movements, on this site, we will progress multi-lingual correspondence of this website in order to send Nogizaka46 to users other than Japan.

※Foreign language pages may not have the latest information posted. Please see while referring to the Japanese version page.
※Depending on the setting of the device you use, it may be possible to view only specific language pages. Please be forewarned.

Notes on use

  • The translated version is created by modifying the translation by automatic translation service. There may be unnatural places in some translations, but please understand. We will accept correct proposals etc in the inquiry form so please inform us when you find a mistake.
  • Depending on the usage environment of the user, the translation proposal of the specific language may not be displayed. In principle, it is set to display the setting language, so please check if it is properly set when you can not view it.

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